Aspen the Therapy Dog

Dog Therapy by Aspen

Dog Therapy by Aspen

Need a Smile?  Let Aspen Give you a Hug


Aspen Posing For Her PictureI’m Aspen, I’m a purebred Mini-Husky, 30 pounds of incredibly fluffy and soft fur. I’ve been a Therapy Dog since 2017, I’m fully trained off leash (that means that I sit, I stay, I lay down, I even automatically sit when I’m walking on the sidewalk and I come to a street crossing), and I LOVE kids, the elderly, and the people who care for them.

Aspen Resting Head ShotIf you’re ready for Aspen to bring a smile to you, your family, your loved ones, or your business, it’s just a phone call away!  If you’d love for her to come see you, please call her owner Steve Litz, at 317.557.2411 or email us at

Christmas with Aspen

Our history:  Aspen currently visits 7 nursing homes in Greenwood and Indianapolis weekly.  She has also been on staff at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, she’s visited multiple schools, the Indianapolis Children’s Bureau, and Trinity Haven (an inclusive LGBTQ home in Indy).

Aspen at the Indianapolis 500

–“Aspen was a Godsend to the residents. They love seeing her, and it brings them such hapiness!”

–“Aspen we love you!”

–“Aspen brings such joy to the kids. They can’t wait to see her again.”

WANT A VISIT FROM ASPEN? Call Steve Litz at 317.557.2411 or email us at